Tricerat ScrewDrivers Installation

Product: Applied Cloud Services

Tricerat ScrewDrivers is a remote desktop print management solution that enables users to access all of their local printers. This document describes the procedure to install the ScrewDrivers print driver client software by Tricerat, Inc. and is intended for Applied Cloud users (excluding Applied Epic), and all Private Cloud customers.

Important considerations:

The Tricerat ScrewDrivers installation is automated; however, preparation for the download is necessary and configurations options can be implemented after installation.


Make sure that all remote client sessions, and the Remote Desktop Connection client, are closed before beginning the installation. Local Administrator rights on the workstation are required for this installation.

Tricerat ScrewDrivers client installation

  1. Access the Tricerat ScrewDrivers client software installation on the Applied Community under Product Information, select the Applied Product >  Download Product Updates > Applied Cloud > Screwdrivers Installation or here. Select Run in the pop-up message. Alternatively, select Save, and save the .exe to your desktop, and then double click the Screwdrivers Installer icon that displays on your desktop.
  2. The Setup – ScrewDrivers Install pop-up message Beginning Install displays. Click Next.
  3. The pop-up indicates that ScrewDriverClient.exe is downloading with a progress bar. Once the download is complete, the Setup ScrewDrivers Ready to Install screen displays, with the message Setup is now ready to begin installing Tricerat ScrewDrivers for use with Applied Cloud ®. Click Install to begin installation. Click Install. A black command prompt window displays do not exit out of it.
  4. The Tricerat, Inc Screw Drivers Client pop-up screen displays. The set up location defaults. Select the checkbox next to I agree to the License terms and conditions. Once you select the checkbox, the Install button is activated; click Install.
  5. The ScrewDrivers Client Setup pop-up screen displays with a status bar. Once the install is complete, the message ScrewDrivers Client has been successfully installed displays. Click Finish.

Tricerat ScrewDrivers configuration options

The following instructions are for users with workstations with multiple printers installed. If you had previously installed Tricerat ScrewDrivers, your configuration options are retained. If you have not previously installed Tricerat ScrewDrivers, or your wish to change or verify your configuration options, complete the following steps once you have installed Tricerat ScrewDrivers to specify the printers to be created and set a default printer in the Applied Cloud environment.

  1. On the workstation desktop, while not logged into your Applied Cloud environment, navigate to Start > All Programs > Tricerat > Client Control panel.
  2. Click the General tab. It is recommended that Spoof the Default Printer not be selected unless you wish to define a default printer in Applied Cloud that is not your local station’s default printer. Click the Apply button above the tab bar to save your changes.
  3. Click the Printers tab. In this area, the printers to be created in Applied Cloud are specified.
    1. All printers are selected by default: to deselect/reselect a printer, click the Allowed switch next to the Printer Name.
    2. Drag and drop the Printer Name to prioritize the printer list—the higher the printer displays in the list, the higher its priority. The first printer in your list will be your default printer.
    3. Click he Apply button above the tab bar to save your changes.
  1. Reestablish your Applied Cloud Remote Desktop Connection. Verify that your designated printers are available and run a test print.

Last Revised: June 3, 2019